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Cyprian Fernandes: Goan School Mombasa in NairobiCyprian Fernandes: Pleas to Goan cosmopolitesCyprian Fernandes: A peep into the future in those...John Christie D'SouzaCyprian Fernandes: The historic Goan network in Ea...Cyprian Fernandes: Thoughts on the Goan future in ...Cyprian Fernandes: GI Nairobi: moments in historyCyprian Fernandes: Goans in East Africa, a piece o...Cyprian Fernandes: Saude George on SportCyprian Fernandes: Stranger than fiction!Cyprian Fernandes: Entebbe Goans, pioneers who led... October 2018
 Cyprian Fernandes: Once upon a time at the Kampala...Cyprian Fernandes: Meldrita's tribute to Ray Batch...Cyprian Fernandes: Pinto and the Mau MauPio influence in Mau Mau circlesCyprian Fernandes: Goans of Pakistan, CanadaCyprian Fernandes: Fenny Almeida ObituaryCyprian Fernades: Ray Batchelor and the Goans Part...Cyprian Fernandes: Ray Batchelor and the Goans Par...Claire SoaresCyprian Fernandes: Emma on Pio, GoansCyprian Fernandes: Baobab hockey club's 40th anniv...Cyprian Fernandes: PIO GAMA PINTO Blood on Britis...Cyprian Fernandes: Emma Gama Pinto in the new book...Cyprian Fernandes: Who is Pio Gama Pinto book Edit...Cyprian Fernandes: Pinto book editor: My escape fr...Cyprian Fernandes: The torment of Pinto book edito...Cyprian Fernandes: The vanishing tribe: The first ...Cyprian Fernandes: The vanishing tribe: The Goan P...Cyprian Fernandes: Leo de Souza, Preface to a life...Cyprian Fernandes: Achievers: Courage in the face ...Maciel's neighbours: way beyond just being neighbo... 2018 August
Cyprian Fernandes: Outstanding Goans Bishop Agnelo...Cyprian Fernandes: The vanishing tribe: Mombasa: F...Cyprian Fernandes: The vanishing tribe: How Canada...Cyprian Fernandes: The Vanishing Tribe: Westend Se...Armand Rodrigues: Migration, bouquets and a new li...A willing, helping hand in the story of the Goans ...The vanishing tribe: A Canadian birthday celebrati...Glamour launch for Braz's JacarandaCyprian Fernandes: One of the mistakes we made in ...The Vanishing Goan tribe: East, West conumdrumsThe Vanishing Goan tribe(2)The Vanishing Goan Tribe: The East African Goans i...The Kenyan tragedy of Joe Murumbi, an art loverThe legend of Egbert FernandesA Goan Nun once on the run, fast!Wasn't it just yesterdayThe history changing "wind of change" speechCyprian Fernandes: Born to Run! Laura RamosDays of inexpensive, wonderful, curries and chappa...Check this out, you won't be disappointedFerdie: A family's farewellUganda expulsion: a first hand Goan viewFerdie Rodrigues: A brother's lamentThe "dodderers" strike backWhy Braz and Cyprian stand out in the Goan-African... July 2018
An appreciation of Stars Next DoorBen Antao's apology, Selma's lack of integrityI apologise ...CYPRIAN FERNANDES: How Ben Antao got it all wrongAn attack on Cyprian Fernandes and Eastern African...The earliest Goans in Lamu IslandHakuna Matata as a smooth operator cruises into Ke...The man who stopped the boats is PMJune 2018Cyprian Fernandes: My Sydney Diary, Part OneMombasa Boy's World CupJoe Murumbi Legacy Part IIIJoe Murumbi's Legacy Part IIJoe Murumbi: new book Part ICyprian Fernandes: Reynold Pereira, a Star Next Do...Cyprian Fernandes: Johnny Lobo: CricketerCyprian Fernandes: Johnny Lobo: Living Kenya-Goan ...May (1)Cyprian Fernandes: Fitz D'Souza on Pio Gama Pinto ...March (2)Greg Patricio: My life in Kenya, the final chapter...A celebration of Leana Arain February (8)Emiliano Joanes on Stars Next DoorStars Next Door: A review by Iris GomesCyprian Fernandes: Evoking memories of a bygone er...Stars Next Door in Mombasa's Coast WeekJOHN NORONHA: The Ugandan Stars Next DoorBraz Menezes on Stars Next DoorGREG PATRICIO My Life In Kenya Part IIGREG PATRICIO: My life in Kenya January (3)DEDAN KIMATHI: Mau Mau leader's last letter before...Stars Next Door The Jimmy Van Rosi StoryGoa Stars Next Door where to pick up the last rem...2016 Cyprian Fernandes: Nairobi in my dreams of a long ...Cyprian Fernandes: Sydney's SongbirdsEffie Antao, great footballer!An excerpt from my book A Goan dance going around...Europe, Africa ...over my shoulder  August (3)Congratulations to Elsie and Mervyn Maciel...A brilliant piece about Julius Nyerere and the Sta...Joe Murumbi: the fear and pain behind the smile  June (2)Cyprian Fernandes: Joe Gonsalves: humility with gr...Antonio Carvalho, just making music  May (10)"When the not-so-Royals met Her Majesty"From the archives: Kenyatta, father and sonJack Fernandes old photosCyprian Fernandes: Jack Fernandes Tiatr Konkani po...Goan Association, UK: another challenge to overcom...Cyprian Fernandes: A true Goan icon Jack Fernandes...For my archives: Kenya Asians 1968For my archives: Uganda AsiansCyprian Fernandes: A very special review by a very...  April (8)Cyprian Fernandes: Mervyn MacielCyprian Fernandes: In memoriam Rufina Fernandes 19...The Queen honours Mervyn MacielCyprian Fernandes: Alu: The Last PostCyprian Fernandes: Alu: Daughter's tribute to a hu...Cyprian Fernandes: Benegal Pereira with Seraphino ...A video tribute to Alu MendoncaCyprian Fernandes: Silu's tribute to Alu  March (33)Cyprian Fernandes: George DeSouza entertainer a su...Cyprian Fernandes: Seraphino Antao more photosCyprian Fernandes: The Seraphino Antao family albu...Cyprian Fernandes an interview on journalismCyprian Fernandes: Philip De Souza, Mr Music, any ...Cyprian Fernandes: Richard Rattos: The DriftersCyprian Fernandes: LEO RODRIGUES: DRUMMERCyprian Fernandes: Les Scott with the CyclonesCyprian Fernandes: Leslie Scott bassistCyprian Fernandes: That unforgettable 1969 Railway...George De Souza "One of the greatest bassists" aro...The unforgettable Bandits, pretty damn good!Daily Nation report on Alu's final farewellCyprian Fernandes: ALU MENDONCA: THE FINAL JOURNEY...Sunday Nation pays tribute to Alu MendoncaCyprian Fernandes: Two mighty Trojans of Kenya hoc...Cyprian Fernandes: ALU MENDONCA: THE GREAT HOCKEY ...Alu Mendonca photo tributes 2Cyprian Fernandes: Alu Mendonca: a photo tribute b...Max De Souza, Simply Jazz Part IVMax De Souza, simply Jazz Part IIIMax De Souza, simply Jazz Part IICyprian Fernandes Max De Souza, simply Jazz! PART ...Cyprian Fernandes: Julian Costa Silva Part IICyprian Fernandes: Julian Costa Silva: a Goan pion...Cyprian Fernandes: The Ghost Riders (Jimmy Van Ros...Cyprian Fernandes: Warren McmahonCyprian Fernandes: Jimmy Van Rosi, The Spiders, Th...Cyprian Fernandes: Musicians: Remember Mario Dias?...Cyprian Fernandes: The Edmund Silveira Story Part ...Cyprian Fernandes: The Edmund Silveira story Part ...Cyprian Fernandes: The Edmund Silveira story Part ...  February (4)Yesterday in Paradise in my old paperCyprian Fernandes: A brilliant display of the kang...Cyprian Fernandes: THE CIA and how Kenyattas amass...Cyprian Fernandes: Mombasa: Magic of the humble Ka...  January (12)
Cyprian Fernandes: The nightmare of the Asian exod...Braganca 10: Mai, whose son am I?Braganca 8: An incident at the Goan GymkhanaCyprian Fernandes: Cyprian's Kenya By Iris C.F. Go...Cyprian Fernandes: St Francis Xavier in Mombasa, e...Cyprian Fernandes: The Goan they call the lucky ge...Braganca 7: Goan tailors before ready-made clothes...Travelling a lifetime through a book: click on lin...Norman da Costa: A gathering of hockey lions in Ca...Eugene Correia's review of Yesterday in Paradise  2016 (54)  December (9)Thank you Goans, thank you world!Cyprian Fernandes: The tribute to my late mother Y...Goans, the utter radicals in Kenya Times of IndiaReview of Sultan Somjee's first classic Bead BaiMaureen D'Mello D'Souza's brilliant porcelain pain...Cyprian Fernandes: Maureen and Nev: celebrating ar...Very humbled by this report of the launch of my bo...From Goa with .....Kul's take on the book  November (9)Yesterday in Paradise .... Sultan Somjee's review...Sultan Somjee's review in the Nation NairobiYesterday in Paradise: Frederick Noronha in Goa To...Britain, Israel and the Amin coupCyprian Fernandes: My classmate, Skippy: the seeke..."A unique angle ... an exquisite British view on Y...The famous 'wind of change' speechCYPRIAN FERNANDES: House of Braganca (6)Cyprian Fernandes: Yesterday in Paradise Eye witne...  October (12)Cyprian Fernandes: Cheek-to-cheek at a Goan dance ...YiP review update: A beautiful tribute to your Mum...CYPRIAN FERNANDES: House of Braganca (5)CYPRIAN FERNANDES: House of Braganca (4)CYPRIAN FERNANDES: House of Braganca (3)CYPRIAN FERNANDES: House of Braganca (2)CYPRIAN FERNANDES: House of Braganca ... a work in...FOR MY CANADIAN FRIENDSYesterday in Kenya ... Braz Menezes "A powerful st...Yesterday in Paradise "A page turner ...Every Goan...A lot more of Mervyn Maciel's work, enjoy!43 Pages  September (16)The Goan story and more from Yesterday in Paradise...Jasmer Singh: Nation pageFROM YESTERDAY IN PARADISE A GROUP OF SPORTS PIONE...Cyprian Fernandes: Kwaheri Bwana CricketYesterday in Paradise: Reviews (2)recognise anyone? from Yesterday in ParadiseHere's the long awaited bookSecret places in the AberdaresThe Indian "duka" in KibweziThe shoemakerThe Indian Barbers of East AfricaTom Mboya: Man with a missionTHE FUNNY SIDE OF NAMES OF KENYA TOWNSGlimpses of KenyaNairobi nostalgia 2Nairobi nostalgia!  May (1)Cyprian Fernandes: Life's grim in the West of Sydn...  April (2)An appeal for your kindnessCyprian Fernandes: The Sr Trifa De Souza story  March (2)Cyprian Fernandes: IMMIGRATION: CLEARER THINKING N...DON'T BLUSH, BABY, THIS IS CRICKET  February (1)Cyprian Fernandes: Goans in the Kenya Civil Servic...  January (2)The execution of Nimr.... in Saudi ArabiaPM lauds Harold and Hazel's Golden Anniversary mil...  2015 (14)  December (3)Interesting!The birth of Catholicism in GoaA piece of colonial Kenyan history: NFD sliced fro...  November (1)You will  love this ... please to enjoy  September (2)Great story on Fr Luis SaldanhaCyprian Fernandes: The Maciel legacy to Goan and K...  August (2)Click on Old School Photos for smiles, laughs, gig...Nairobi: breathing new life into memories of Eastl...  May (1)Only if you truly love 1960s sweet soul music  April (3)The wonderful Tiatrist JackKenyatta's 1952 speechCyprian Fernandes: Yank who wrote the most hated p...  February (1)Cyprian Fernandes:Christmas at the Railway Institu...  January (1)Cyprian Fernandes: The Great Alex Fernandes  2014 (16)  December (4)Cyprian Fernandes: What the church said about Keny...Goa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, ZanzibarCyprian Fernandes: An academic's view of Goans in ...Goans celebrate SFX in Sydney with lots of energy,...  October (1)Why I love Kenya!  September (6)A little known Goan pioneerMore Kenya HistoryCyprian Fernandes: The late Oscar D'MelloCyprian Fernandes: Nairobi HeroesMoi: quiet, invisible but very cunningHow Moi plotted Njonjo's downfall  July (1)Save Murumbi's house from demolition  May (2)Nation journalistsColour bar in Kenya a history lesson  April (1)Really great shots of early Nairobi!  January (1)Lament for my little brother 2013
  August (1)
Some great old pictures of East Africa  April (1)
Brilliant book by Kenyan writer  2012 (5)
  December (1)
Cyprian Fernandes: The sweetest love letter  September (3)
In defence of the East African Goan doddererA funny, heart-warming piece of nostalgiaJuliet Pereira  August (1)
Foot in mouth  2011 (5)
  August (1)
Check these old movies of Kenya  July (4)
Goans: Britain's favourite migrantsThe murder of innocent KhadijaCyprian Fernandes: The Bathing of the MindYou say such nice things ... thanks         

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