Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thank you Goans, thank you world!

I apologise for the seemingly interminable stories and pictures about my book ... yes, I know it seemed to go on and on. Equally, I would like to thank the many, many people who responded. My only excuse is that for a first-time author it only happens once in a lifetime (the first time). So far, Yesterday in Paradise has taken on a life of its own thanks to the folks in Goa, India, Canada, USA, UK, and various parts of the world. I am humbled and grateful that so many of you have, and continue to, read my little effort. I could not have done it without you especially ... Braz Menezes (Matata trilogy), Mervyn Maciel (Bwana Karani and From Mzee to Mtoto), Sultan Somjee (Bead Bai and the recently released Home Between Crossings), Frederick Rico Noronha (publish and the unofficial patron saint of Goan literature), Vivek Menezes (the Goa contact, co-curator of the highly successful Goa Arts and Literary Festival, journalist and many other talents), Vijay Badhwar (who continues to push me along), Gerry Loughran (Birth of a Nation and other stories), the Goan media,Goan Voice UK, Alex Figueiredo for his courage and heaps, and heaps of other people who had anything to do with the book. However, there is one guy that I will always admire: Merwin D'Souza of the Dr Ribeiro Goan School Ex-students Association. Merwin and the Ex-students Association have been absolutely brilliant in promoting the book in Canada. I cannot thank them enough.

So will the never-ending story come to an end soon ... I hope not. perhaps there is life in it yet but I will try not to bore my faithful readers of this FB page and my blog. God Bless.

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