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Cyprian Fernandes:Christmas at the Railway Institute!


20th December 1969


At  3.30 pm Fancy Dress parade, followed by the arrival of Father Christmas who will hand out toys to children of seven years and under. This will be followed by a Tea Party and entertainment for the children. Those who are seven years and under can take part in the Fancy Dress Parade. A prize will be awarded for the most original dress. Those between between the ages of seven and 12 have not been forgotten and they are allowed to join other children for the Tea Party.

24th December (night) (sic)


From 2 am onwards you can dance to “Cooty and the Supersonics”. Entrance fee for this dance is 10 shillings per couple. Ladies free. Do come and wish your friends a “Happy Christmas”

25th December


Dance to “The Amigos”. Come all and make 1969 Christmas a memorable one.

31st December


Dance to the “Les Typhoons”. There will be lots for you to do besides dancing, so be sure to turn up and see what we have in store for you, and greet the new born babe (1970). Remember by next year journeys to the Moon will become a common thing. And celebrations may no longer be on earth. Take your chance now.


Incidentally, the closing date for all subscriptions for the Christmas season is 12th December 1969.

Pay Shs. 25 and then you can come to the Christmas and New Year’s dances. This includes toys for your children (if you are married).

The 1969 RI Entertainments Committee: Julie Pereira, Maureen Paes, Maureen D’Mello, Batu Noronha, Tony Meadows, Astor Gomes, Deryck D’Mello, Tony Fernandes.

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