Friday, January 15, 2016

The execution of Nimr.... in Saudi Arabia

"... the execution of Nimr ... was primarily motivated by domestic politics in Saudi Arabia. Specifically, the Saudi royal family wanted to appease powerful Sunni clerics angered by the kingdom’s cooperation with the United States in the fight against ISIS, a Sunni jihadist group."

Monday, January 11, 2016

PM lauds Harold and Hazel's Golden Anniversary milestone!

Harold and Hazel celebrate Golden Wedding anniversary

One of the most popular couples in the NSW Goan community, Harold and Hazel D’Souza celebrated their half century as man and wife with a Papal Blessing during Sunday Mass at St Patrick’s Catholic Chruch, Asquith, on January 10 (their actual anniversary was January 8).

They have lived in the Hornsby area since arriving in Australia in 1976. They have loved every moment of their life in the area. Their cup runneth over with three daughters and seven grand children.

Among the many VIPs to congratulate them was the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull who wrote: “On the occasion of your 50th wedding anniversary Lucy (Mrs Turnbull) and I wish to congratulate you both on reaching this significant milestone.

“Although you will undoubted receive the best wishes from many family and friends, only you and you alone will be able to reflect on the 50 wonderful years you have shared.

“In speaking of love, perhaps, T S Eliot said it better than any other person:

There is no vocabulary

For love within a family, love that is lived in

But not looked at, love within the light of which

All else is seen, the love within which

All other love finds speech

This love is silent

Lucy and I hope that you share many more wedding anniversaries.

Malcolm Turnbull MP

There were also congratulatory messages from the Governor General of Australia, the Premier of NSW and the Governor of NSW.

The couple who fell in love in the Nazi Moja suburb of Mombasa, Kenya. were married at the Holy Ghost Catholic Cathedral. Later they migrated to Australia in 1976 when there were very few Asians in Sydney. Their three daughters: Hayley, Gail and Hylette and their respective families hosted their parents to a celebratory lunch. The three daughters paid moving tributes to heir wonderful parents. Harry has been president of the NSW Goan Overseas Association, the association's Man of Year, but he dedicated himself to promoting sport for the community and served many, many years as sports secretary. Harold always played the role of Old Father Time, hilariously at many New Year’s Eve functions. Hazel, who loves to dance and the social scene, organised many social functions for the Goan community. They and their extended family are very much loved people.

In Mombasa, Harold was an outstanding athlete, cricketer, soccer player, hockey player and one time or another he tried his hand at most sports. These days he is an avid armchair sportsman. His contemporaries included Kenya’s great sprinter Seraphino Antao, hockey stars Franklin Pereira, Albert Castanha, Effie Antao, Joe Fernandes, Joe Gonsalves, Al Rodrigues, Franklin Pereira (who also sent a congratulatory message on behalf the Mombasa Goan Institute) and many others.


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