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Nairobi Safari

Holy Family Church

Nairobi West
pic P Shah

The old East African Standard building in the old Delamere Avenue
Salubrious Muthaiga residential suburb

Nairobi's unforgettable market

Miss those matundas
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The old kipande house

Mansion/Jubilee House ... Look at those great cars

Nairobi more recently
Campos Ribeiro Avenue
Salisbury swimming pool Nairobi near Museum

Nairobi Dam

Delamere Avenue around 1951
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New Avenue Hotel Nairobi

A baby called Government Road

Nairobi Post Office

Bank of India 
The original New Stanley Hotel

Standard Bank of South Africa in early Nairobi

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Missin' you Rose Bridget

Death Notice: Rose Bridget Fernandes

January 27, 2019: With trembling hearts, we share the news of the passing of Rose Bridget Fernandes (ex Nairobi, Slough and Sydney) daughter of the late Andre and late Rosa Maria Fernandes. Wife of Gary Wilson. Sister of Cyprian (late Rufina), late Hippol (Philomena), Johnny (Matilda) late Peter (Jenny) and Flora (Harold). Aunt of Andi, Leon, Carl, Lee-John, Lou-Alan, Mary-Ann, Michael, Priscilla, John-Paul and Jenipet. Funeral details will be published as soon as they are finalised.
In lieu of flowers, Rose would have much appreciated a donation to Pancreatic research. 

Condolences to,

Rose Bridget


There is an aching, an emptiness, a hole in my heart …


I have not understood.

You are in Heaven, I should be happy for you.

You went away in Peace, what we all wish for.

None wanted you to suffer.

Now we celebrate your life, remember the good times,

The smiles, the laughter, the quirks, your successes,

The things you were passionate about, the memories we made together,

A lifetime of growing up with brothers and a sister,

The years with Mum, the nostalgia of life in Kenya, England and Australia

Lives we entwined with others, friends, colleagues,

People who inspired us, people we admired,

The world we travelled, new experiences, vistas, wonders,

And people from all corners of the world,

Some friends for life,

Your devotion to your God, Always,

And to your siblings, nephews and nieces,

Whatever you achieved, you did it your way,

No Regrets, Not a Problem, It’ll be OK


Forever the smile, the extended hand in greeting,

Always caring for others, anyone, anywhere,

Just walking, love it, you said,

No surrender. Ask them. Ask them again...

They have to do it properly, not good enough otherwise,

Insist on good work, good quality, don’t sell yourself short.

The cell phone which once ran red hot, the battery on the verge of burning out,

Calling your brother Johnny, again and again, same as your sister Flora,

Now the two phones are quiet, silent, dead even.

You have led the good life, with a few ups and downs,

You are one with your God,

Now you are with Mum, Dad, Hippol and Peter,

You did not suffer in the final hours, all good,


So why I am feeling like my arm, my leg or my heart has been stolen?

Why is life never going to be the same again?

Why am I in pain, my head in a permanent ache?

An emptiness where once life thrived with a gusto,

Because you will not be around  anymore,

To love and care me the way you did,

I cry for myself and the loss of you,

Anyway, Bye Sis …  we’ll talk later, in my heart.





Rose Bridget Fernandes photo tribute

Flora, David Johnny and Rose 
Dr Bryne John, Rose and her husband Gary
Sisters ... Rose and Flora
With friends
An evening in Uluru
Skip and Rose before boarding the chopper for a tour of Ayres Rock and nearby rock formations
Flora, Matilda, Skip, Johnny, Rose, Gary