Tuesday, April 19, 2016

An appeal for your kindness

The Sr Trifa appeal for her “angels”

If you are outside the UK it is cheaper to use Western Union or even the cheaper mall transfer merchants.

AS I wrote in the piece on Sr Trifa De Souza she is on a fund raising safari to the UK but she would like to appeal to all her ex-school mates and friends anywhere in the world to help in a very desperate race: to find enough money to help her primary school “angels” get a secondary school education and from then on a chance in life. Secondary school education is very expensive in Kenya and “every penny, cent or money of any kind” will help.

Sr Trifa will personally acknowledge any help you can give her.

I have an UK bank account where you can deposit your donation via your bank or by electronic transfer.

Please send me an email (skipfer@live.com.au) and I will send you individually the bank account details.

Forgive me if this plea irks you, it is a one time thing and I hope I never have to do it again.

With Thanks in Advance for your kindness.

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