Monday, October 2, 2017

Just reminiscing and missing ... you!

7 hrs · 
I have walked quietly into the abyss ... and, I have, just as quietly walked out.
I have seen hints of heaven, but have remained outside looking in.
I have seen the faces of angels: AA AA AA, have been charmed, allowed myself
to be enslaved by the power of the greatest glory of the innocence of children.
I have been dazzled beyond description by the creation of man.
My mind, my heart and my soul has been lost by the destruction of man of glory.
I stand confused by the creation of man in the name of God, only to become the ashes of wrath.
I have gazed upon new realities, marveled at truths I had not imagined, yet not become their prisoner.
I have greeted each glorious sunrise and each glorious sunset with with a celebration in my heart that soared beyond the universe, for such is the gift of life.
I met many, many strangers ... and we talked, talked and talked and shared, shared yet again ... and I have known what it is to be a child again, eyes wide open, my head the largest globe of admiration and, like the first space conqueror, been where no man has been before.
I have feasted on knowledge I knew not existed and I have been both a stranger, an interloper of sorts, and I have probed, inquisited and questioned beyond the borders of seeking answers to questions.
Most of all I have looked into each moment and have found a beautiful experience, happiness, satisfaction, delight, joy, love, wonderment and bewilderment, just the wonderful of life with gratitude that I have been alive and have been given licence to live these moments in a manner that creases my face with a billion smiles in thanks to the gods of the universe (and my own God, too) ... for the gift of living.
Yet, however fulfilled my soul is, however entranced my body feels afloat in in love, warmth, caring, friendship, new friendships, and everything that heaven has to offer ... I am out of my body self in celebrating that I am back with you again. Where I belong. For the moment at least.
So, as I cherish you, celebrate you, enjoy you and am safe with you, let us continue the business of making a memory each day ... the business of living.
In Sydney, Australia.
I am home and I love you

With thanks to my brother Johnny and his forever love Matilda, for making part of the journey possible in coming to the UK instead of meeting other commitments.
Mervyn and Elsie Maciel, for the honour of chatting briefly with two special people.
Alvira and Don, for sharing friends, laughter, smiles, memories, and making memories.
Jacinto, Polly, James and Loretta for allowing me into your lives again!
Alex Rebello, a keeper of the flame of St Teresa’s who achieves the impossible of bringing  my former classmates on a regular basis.
Steve, Marjie and Mel … eternally and unbreakable bond.
Gerry and Leo … travellers from my roots!
Des and Olga … Only You …
Alex and Dahlia … together, living our memories and creating new ones together.

And hundreds more I met in the UK, Spain Portugal, Morocco, Singapore …especially some fantastic folks who were my companions on coaches, planes, ferries and other modes of travel.

Thank You.

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