Saturday, September 24, 2016

Yesterday in Paradise: Reviews (2)

 From a colleague:

Yesterday in Paradise slipped through my letter box this morning and a very handsome affair it is and I thank you for it. Also for the nice things you say about me and for bringing to life memories and events I had just about forgotten and things I never knew.

Sorry it lacked a dedication but your sentiments are quite evident. I don't always agree with everything but what sort of world would it be if we all agreed -- certainly not a Kenyan one.

I was horrified by the Fr Hannan stuff but I suppose you felt it needed to be told. The Church got away with too much by hiding things to avoid scandal, thereby bringing even greater scandal on itself.

You've had a good life Cyprian and thank God for it. You have written about it in that energetic, straight-up style I associate with you and which anyone who knows you will recognise.


Yesterday in Paradise
First impression
Benegal Pereira: My immediate thoughts after quickly scanning through the first few chapters: Your candid (and yes, splendid !) style, your thoroughness and vivid description of Goan life in Nairobi during the colonial period, make ‘Yesterday in Paradise’ a powerful resource for current and future teachings of the EA Indian [Goan] diaspora. In essence, YIP will be more than a teaching tool, its a first hand historical record, packed with nostalgia. Congratulations !.

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