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A willing, helping hand in the story of the Goans in diaspora

John H. R. Nazareth*

John is an international expert in the use of aircraft commercial reliability and maintenance data to generate appropriate metrics to drive the maximization of aircraft utilization.

His early work resulted in the creation of reliability reports with tables of statistics in a matrix form that allowed Bombardier’s customers to use these reports to improve their performance. These reports in their structure and statistics made Bombardier a leader in this field in the industry.

This is a field in which John did pioneering work and has developed many metrics which have now become industry standards. He is the Chair of the Metrics Sub-team of the Air Transport Association of America (ATA) Reliability Interest Group.

He also developed databases and wrote most of the software on which Bombardier’s reliability systems were built.

His work in this field has given him a keen insight into the nature of data that describe breadth of events that characterize the aircraft reliability and maintenance sample space. As a consequence he has developed ground-breaking work in using reliability-centred maintenance methods to calculate optimized maintenance task interval time selection for aircraft maintenance.

John did his B.Sc in Mathematics (including mathematics of engineering) at Makerere University in Uganda, a Post-Grad Diploma in Statistics (including demography) at the London School of Economics, an M.Sc in Mathematical Statistics at the University of Toronto, and an MBA at the Schulich School of Business, York University.

In his professional life, he has worked in the field of reliability engineering for over 30 years. He retired in 2015.
·         Among his managerial positions he was
Head of External Trade Section in the Ministry of Finance & Planning with the Uganda Government, Manager of Reliability Engineering & Environmental Qualification - Litton Systems Canada, and Chief of Maintenance Data Analysis, Bombardier

·         Accomplishments
o   Instrumental in creating the most extensive aircraft reliability database in the industry including software analysis tools
o   Created a reliability report that is a standard in the industry
o   Instrumental in pioneering use of reliability-centred maintenance (RCM) methods to define optimized aircraft maintenance task times.
o   Accomplished in Environmental Qualification, and Environmental Stress Screening
o   Part of core team that created Chapter 11 of SPEC2000 – a standard that defines critical technical data that should be collected to facilitate reliability and maintainability analysis.

Industry Associations
·         Founding member of the Reliability Working Group (RWG) of Air Transport Association (ATA) of America (1997-2015)
·         Team Leader, Metrics Sub-team RWG, ATA (2011-2015)

Volunteer Organizations

Games Union Executive, Makerere University (1969/70)
Sports Secretary, Entebbe Institute (1971/72)
General Secretary, Entebbe Institute (1973)
President, Goan Overseas Association, Toronto (1985/86)
(And numerous other positions with the GOA between 1975 and 2014)
De-facto historian – Ontario Goan Community
Bible Study Facilitator – St Patrick’ Church, Mississauga (2004 - )

Field Hockey Captain - Makerere University (1969/70)
Field Hockey Captain – Entebbe Institute (1971/72)
Leader of “Swinging Teens” Rock Band (1966/69)

Writings Published:
The Rise of the Ontario Goans – Goa Today (Magazine) Oct 1986
Goan Tiatr in OntarioGoa Today
The History of the GOA, Toronto – GOA 25th Anniversary Book 1995
The Structure of the GOA - GOA 25th Anniversary Book
Goans in the Mainstream – Expanding on the Indian presence in Canada - GOA 25th Anniversary Book
Remembering the Uganda Expulsion of Asians - Uganda Asians: Then and Now, Here and There (forthcoming book – 2019)
Memoirs of A Return to Uganda in 1993 - Uganda Asians
The Origin of the Gomesi/Busuuti – New Vision newspaper (2010)
What [John] Kennedy Meant to Africa – Letter, Newsweek (1973)
Blazing New Paths in America - Goa Aparanta (Co-authored with Professor Peter Nazareth)
Editor/ Publisher: Villagers of Moira 25th Anniversary book (1996)
Editor/Publisher: Kampala Goan Institute 100th Anniversary book (2010)
Editor/ Publisher: Uganda 50 Years of Independence Celebration in Toronto book (2012)

Personal Study
Christian Theology, Bible Study and Church history for 35 years.
Goan History/Anthrology for 30 years
Part of a team that is mapping the genealogy of the whole village of Moira in Goa

·         John Nazareth is one of several people around the world helping me bring together the stories of Eastern African Goans in the diaspora under the working title of The Vanishing Goan Tribe== Cyprian Fernandes

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