Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cyprian Fernandes: Richard Rattos: The Drifters

Michael Rattos, Clifton Carrasco, Richard Rattos, Magnus Fernandes, later Eddie Rattos took over the drums

  Richard Rattos: the consumate professiona

Richard Rattos

The Drifters

In 1963, The Drifters, in Kampala, Uganda, was started by Richard Rattos (guitar and vocals), Michael Rattos (guitar, bass), Clifton Carrasco (drums) and Magnus Fernandes (vocals, bass). As teenagers they were a solid band and went on to win fans all around East Africa including the musical mecca of Nairobi. Most polished Nairobi musicians recognised in The Drifters a band to be reckoned with and respected. In 1966, Clifton Carrasco went on to further his studies and a third Rattos brother, Eddie, replaced him as the drummer.

They recorded their version of the Swahili favourite Malaika. The band was disbanded in 1968 when Richard to Ireland for further studies.

Just a few of The Drifters gigs: Kampala Club   Kampala G I  Jinja G I  Silver Springs  Tororo Rock Hotel  Lake Victoria Hotel   Free Masons Lions Club  Aga Khan Club  Rugby Club   Nairobi G I   Lake Naivasha Sailing Club    Entebbe Club    Apollo Hotel:  (Horizons   Kololians)   Nairobi Gymkhana    National Theater (competition)   Norman Cinema (competition)and lots of other gigs

Long before 1963, Richard R had been teaching himself the guitar and singing along to his own accompaniment. Some 54 years later, he is still the consummate professional vowing crowds wherever he hits on those strings and fires into the Rock N Roll microphone. He has guested, jammed with and starred in too many bands and gigs to remember. The wonderful thing about this guy is that he rarely has an off day. Again and again he gives his all, total professionalism. Half century is a long time for a musician to ply his trade, wonderful that Richard can give his best every time he fronts up in Sydney or around Australia. Rock On, Dude.


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