Monday, February 26, 2018

Emiliano Joanes on Stars Next Door

The Stars Next Door
By Cyprian Fernandes

It is all there neatly packaged in a book entitled Stars Next Door by none other than our Goan icon Cyprian Fernandes whose first book Yesterday in Paradise was a knock-out of excellent writing of his life.
Stars next Door has nostalgia gleaned from Memory Lane of an era that has evaporated and become cobwebs in the minds of the many now elderly Goans that contributed to the Goan life that was fascinating, challenging and memorable in the paradise landscape of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.
Cyprian accepted articles for the book from the likes of Norman Da Costa, John J. D’Souza, Mona Dias, Francis Noronha and others. Hilary Fernandes paid a glowing tribute to Master Anthony D’Souza, a teacher at the Dr. Ribeira Goan School who single handily coached the young Goan men to become Hockey Olympians. Yes, Anthony D’ Souza was a star next door in his own humble right. Then there is the story of Julian Costa Silva multi-talented, a pioneer Goan musician who sang Swahili songs at the Mombasa Goan Institute.
The book should be a sellout. It is full of interesting stories that tell about the Goan musicians and singers and not just dwelling on the Hockey Olympians.
The Stars Next Door says it all about the Goan psyche. No matter where pockets of Goans are Toronto, Texas, London, or Sydney, the Goan has proved that he or she can adapt and shine and stand out in the crowd. The Stars Next Door tells it all.
--Emiliano Joanes

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