Friday, August 31, 2018

Ben Antao's apology, Selma's lack of integrity

Having reviewed Ben Antao's article in light of the objections raised, I do not find anything defamatory nor of malafide intent on part of the writer. The role of writing and indeed literature must be to provoke thought. It must address issues of memory, of perspective, of truth, of collective responsibility, and everything else which advances the cause of humanity. This has been its role since time immemorial. This will be its role for all time. 

Ben Antao's article deals with memory: how it is shaped, how it is lost, how it is contrived, and how it is recorded in literature. It is an important discussion given that we do not have another community analogous with that of East African Goans. 

We have to be willing to introspect when points are raised. Introspection is key to maturity and growth. Without introspection and discussion, what we have is fascism, dictatorships, fundamentalism and all the worst excesses humanity has had to bear. As a writer myself, I cannot subscribe to censure of thought and introspection. 

Best wishes, 
Selma Carvalho 

From: Ben Antao <>
Sent: Friday, 31 August 2018 9:46 AM
To: John J. D'Souza; Juliet Rebello; Cyprian Fernandes
Subject: Re: I apologise

Dear Cyprian

The message I tried to convey in my article has obviously been misunderstood. I have read both your books. You’re a good man and I apologize for disturbing your peace.

Warm regards

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