Sunday, January 12, 2020

ST Teresa's Boys' School St Pat's night

St Teresa's Boys' School... My dad John Gracias on guitar, Mr Gonsalves on mandolin and Piereson on guitar. Think there were few others. My brother's young classmates singing with Fr Hannan conducting. The masked singers were my cousin Lenny, Ligorio Gracias on accordion, Neville Pinheiro, Ashley Pinto, Ivore and I think Mike.

The fancy dressers included Christine Pinto and Celine as gypsies, Sally Ahluwalia as a Japanese lady, my brother Stan as a Tetrapack (that unforgettable milk carton), Neville Pinheiro as an invalid in bed, Ivor with a dummy for a dancing partner, and Estelle as a poodle among many others.

Thanks Melissa!

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