Friday, February 5, 2021

 500,014,   AT 8.20 AM, 2/5/2021 SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE.

That is the magical figure readers of my blog have achieved for me, In the scheme of things, it is not an achievement at all because there are blogs that achieve that many visits to their blogs by their readers in a month. However, you have to be Trump,  Pele, or a superstar ... I am none of those. When I first imagined that figure, after having first achieved 100,000 hits, I really did think I was kidding myself and put that out of my mind. However, as the days and months and years progress, it seemed there was a chance that I might achieve it ... well today it is a reality and I really did not have too much to do with it except write a few stories. Dear readers this your gift to me, thank you 500,000 and more times and I am truly humbled. 1,000,000? That would be something but it could also be just out of reach time will tell.I am grateful that I have you as my loyal readers. I am also thankful to the many people who have sent me their stories.

When my wife Rufina passed away in 2007, I was in a pretty dark place and for the next three years or so I wandered to places in my mind which did not help. The vacuum, it seemed, would not be filled until Eddie Fernandes of Goan Voice UK suggested I write a weekly column. I really enjoyed doing that but that was a very short-lived marriage. Then I found the blog and I was born again. I started researching (something that I had not done for 30 years or so) and writing for my old papers the Daily and Sunday Nation as well as some substantial stories in Goa's OHeraldo. And the rest you have made a new history for me.

Thank you, 1,000,000 and more times!

God Bless,


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