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The Spy who went to Loreto Msongari


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From Kenya Friends Reunited

The Sun newspaper

ANNA VASILIYEVNA CHAPMAN, the stunningly beautiful Russian spy went to Loreto Msongari School in Kenya. She was born in 1982 to Irina and Vasily Kushchenko who was the Russian Ambassador in Kenya. She would tell friends later that her father was a high-ranking KGB official.

Chapman was dubbed “Russia’s most glamorous secret agent.” She was, according to The Sun newspaper, one of ten spies exchanged for Sergei Skripal as part of the Russian-US prisoner swap in 2010.

Ironically, Skripal and his daughter were poisoned allegedly by the Russians eight years later. Skripal was a British spy who was found guilty of high treason “in the form of espionage in 2006”. He escaped prison through the spy swap.

Sergei and Yulia were poisoned with the Novichok nerve agent on March 4, 2018 and miraculously survived. Russia denied the accusations.

VANITY FAIR reported recently: The existence and execution of the account reads like a Mad Libs–generated idea that could only happen in 2017: a pro-Russian, anti–United States Instagram profile, chock-full of pictures of an ousted spy, who is also a model, and who is a fan of—you guessed it—Donald Trump.

But, alas: Anna Chapman, the Russian spy who was deported from the United States in 2010 after pleading guilty to conspiracy charges, has apparently combined her twin interests in international affairs and modelling into the most topical Instagram account of the year.

On what appears to be her personal profile, the model only posts images and videos of herself, usually wearing glamorous and fur-hatted looks as she is photographed amid snowy scenes, horse stables, and television studios. She seems to spend a great deal of time in wintry lodges.

Captions, however, are a different story. There are ominous predictions and calls to action and stirring defences of Russian interests. And, yes, there is a pro-Trump strain.

“Trump is a politician who has the backing of forces just as influential as those behind Clinton,” she captioned a photo posted eight weeks ago. “The only difference is that they like to keep a low profile, because their vision of the future world order means a revolution in U.S. foreign policy. And after that revolution happens, there will be no room for people like Clinton, who has blood on their hands.”

To this day, no one actually knows what real spying she did while in the US. She was alleged to have worked undercover for the Russians in a Manhattan Real Estate (Politico). “Her arrest along with nine other Russians broke up the largest foreign network discovered in the US since the Cold War.

The Illegals, as they were called inside the Department of Justice, had infiltrated American society, nearly all of them going by Anglicised names, passing themselves as white-collar professionals.

According to write Brett Forrest, “(Long after the deportations) … it’s difficult to see what the spies ever learned or did of importance while stationed stateside on Vladimir Putin’s orders. Equally difficult to uncover is just how these agents could have fooled anyone, pretending to be American-born while speaking such heavily accented English.”

Anna Chapman, though, remains Putin’s darling, in an almost insignificant way.  






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  1. Was there a movie made that depicted her life? I love to watch anything spy related. Thanks for the post.🤗🙏🏻



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