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Eastleigh Nairobi Parish


I know there are some folks who would like to forget that they were ever associated with Eastleigh ... on the other hand there is quite a lot to be proud of and celebrate. As part of the tribute to the St Teresa's parish and schools, I would like to register the names of the parents who helped build something that fills us all with a lot of pride. Please send me the names of your Mums and Dads to

The people of St Teresa’s Eastleigh

This is not a list of contributors, just the people of the parish

Or the children who attended one of the schools.

Parents and siblings of Victorino Fernandes

Mr and Mrs Soares and family

The Britto family

David, Hubert, Phillip, Ruby D’Souza and their respective families

Peter Barbosa

Sr Trifa De Souza, siblings and parents

Robert Fernandes and family

Olive, Leandro, Alex, Alba, Bertha, Marjorie Fernandes and family

Magnie Almeida and family

Servelio, Irene Britto and family

Simon and Annie Fernandes and family

Freddie, Albert Mascarenhas, parents and their siblings

The late Basil and Damiena D'Costa

Freddie and Loretta D'Costa (Milton Keynes UK)

Alfred and Gertie D'Costa (Crawley, UK)

Irene D'Costa (UK),

Sheila and Nelson Barreto (Buckhurst Hill, UK)

Olive and Bosco Mendonca (Richmond Hill, ON Canada)

All the folks from the Goan Estate,

Andrew, Rita D'Souza, Aubrey and their folks

The Price family (big contribution, especially to teaching, St Vincent de Paul)

Pius Menezes,

Simon Menezes and his folks

F X D'Silva (Baba Dogo)

Nobby Rodrigues and family

Martin Rego

Robin Fernandes and family

Eulogio Braganza's parents and siblings

The Miranda family

The Scott family

The Agricole family

The Arrisol family

The Confait family

The Officers

The Make family

The Nalatamby family

The Burke family

Mickey Michaud and his folks

Michael, Eddie, Cedric Gontier and their folks

Myra’s Gontier’s folks

The Laval family

The Gunputrav family (Martin, Eric, Freddie, Ronnie, Vincent, Lina)

The Paes family

Dr Charlie Paes

Jerome Mendes' family

The Pinto family (Christine, Erris and Terry's folks, Auntie Lucy)

Auntie Lucy who tutored me

Parents and siblings of: Greg Carvalho; Gaspar Rodrigues; Sultan, Nizar Hassanali; Rudy, Lenny Fernandes, Pio, Orlando, Ron Almeida; Tony Reg, Loy, Rineth, Bernadette; Ben Braganza; Michael Fernandes; Thomas, Anthony Alleluia Fernandes; Cornel Coutinho; Eddie, Manu Rodrigues; Alex Rebello; Peter (Cop) D’Souza; Bill D’Silva; Polly D’Souza; Alex Figueiredo; Bosco Baptista; Geoff Ahluwalia; Dennis Pereira; Ladislaw Rattos; Simon Leitao; Joe Spyder Fernandes; Reggie Vaz;Donald Gonsalves; Alex Fernandes; Crescent Fernandes; Vincent Sequeira; Rowland Rebello; Tony Foxy D’Silva; Gabe Menezes; Joe Gomes; Tony, Jason D’Costa; Roy Caiado; Natty, Danny Abreu; Diamond Mike; Oliver, Filo mazor Rodrigues; Alu Mendonca’

The Vel family

Sebastian and Marianna Pires 

Victor Max & Anne D'Souza and children - Selina, Derick, Glenda & Gavin 

My Dad's and Mum's names are, as you know, Diego and Enorina Fernandes. Siblings are Tony, Aires and Alzira.

Joaquim and Isabel Rebello, Alex Rebello and their other childre

Lorna, Brian and Edwin Rodrigues 

Hi Skippy - strangely, like a few others, I missed this earlier post of yours. Johnny’s parents Mr. & Mrs. Evaristo Lobo and both Johnny and I as well as each working member of Johnny’s family had to donate monthly part of their salary to the church at the bequest of Fr. Wheelan. We are proud to be associated to St. Teresa’s parish and also to be part of the legacy we left behind for all to still enjoy in Kenya 🇰🇪

We all studied at Teresa’s and attended Teresa’s church: The Rodrigues family.  Bonny  Anthony  Johnny, Rose and Mary. We  were the very first students when the school was built. It was then a mixed boys’ and girls’ school. We were transferred from Catholic Parochial school to  St. Teresa’s.

John and Clara Goes.

Tyronne and Arleen Pinto(Clifton, New Jersey, USA) 

Mr. Caetano Rodrigues & Family

Cassime...Neville, Patrick, Rita, Jessie Doris.

Hazel Mendonca: I was a relief teacher @ St Teresa’s 1958 I think for a term. We lived about 250 yards from the church & school. Both my girls were baptised in the church by Fr Hannan.


Dora Cardoso


Eddie Tavares


Tony & Rosy D’Silva


Belivia and Adolf Costa Fernandes


Victor desouza class of 1966

We went to at Theresa's church: Grandparents. Mr Peter and Mrs E D’Costa My Parents. Francis and Uniece Barros, Freddie Barros, Fay Barros, Feena Barros To be added to your list. My. Husband family also went to St Theresa's Parents: Mr Joao n Mrs Jocquim Rodrigues. (Deceased) Mario Rodrigues’s (Deceased). Family still leaving in Nairobi, Jackie Rodrigues (Rebello) Januarius Agnelo Rodrigues, Antionette Rodrigues (Fernandes) Elizabeth Rodrigues (Da Silva)

Francis Xavier Dias. Monica Dias. Anthony Dias and Blaise Dias

Hi Skip
It’s Ella here wanting to add my parents Eddie and Eliza Moniz - deceased. Dad worked for the Kenya Bus Company.  We are six siblings - Rosario (Roger), Leslie, Jenny & Enid (UK) and Tom and myself (Canada). Proud to have lived in Eastleigh and attended St Teresa’s Boys/Girls schools and worshipped at St Teresa’s Church.

The Fernandes family: Olivia, Joanita, Alex, Leandro, Alba, Bertha, Marjorie.

Tony D'costa

My parents. Joe and Bertha D’Costa.
Also Ben & Betty Santiago

Parents LATE   Lourenco and Clarina BARRETO  went to st Teresa's all our life including all their children Joe late Maria Cynthia Babush Inocencia and late Flavia Barreto late Maria and Cynthia also sang for the choir in St Teresa's church.

Manuel Tavares

My late wife Monica and her family. Alex John Fernandes, Maria Santana Fernandes, Agnes Fernandes, Joe fernandes. Sister in law Helen Fernandes, her Husband Joaquin Fernandes and her children, Isaac, Dolly, Maggie, Cathy and Peter.


Bosco Mendonca

My wife Olive's family - Basil and Damiena D'Costa and children Freddie, Irene, Sheila, Alfred and Olive.


Patrick Gomes

. Gale D'Costa

Our whole family were parishioners

1. Joe, Glafira, Gillford, Grizelda, and Peter Dsouza

2. George, Genny, Gaye, Gale, Glynis and Peter D'costa

3. My grandparents Hilary and Pedro D'costa

Vito & Lucia DeSouza and family.
Philip & Rosita DeSouza & family.

Valentine Fernandes and 

Johnny Fernandes ( Canada)

Basilia Fernandes (uk)

Mary Carneiro (Kenya)


Newton D’Souza: our whole family attended St Teresa’s Church

Leo Rebello my cousin passed this to me, we
We’re living in Eastleigh. The Rebello family.
Our names are Philomena, Veronica, Fatima
And we had a brother called Anthony.

Mr and Mrs Octaviano Goès




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