Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Winners of the annual London Trook tournament

The winners Ancell's 5 (I think Ancell is in the centre in blue)

ANSELL 5 were the winners of the t G.O.A. Annual Trook Tournament held at ATC Hall, 192 Merton Road, London. I don't how many actually took part but looking at the photos it would seem not many in a tournament which once attracted at least a hundred and twice as many spectators and supporters. Those were the days when the Queen of trook Monica Fernandes reigned supreme. She now lives in Sydney and is ailing a bit. In the photos below there are two stalwarts who have been there since the beginning, Greg Carvalho (Carvaliii0, haha) who help organise this tournament and Jacinto Fernandes who was one of the original organisers. Also in the group foto is my old friend from Pangani Chini, Filu Mazor, who I had hoped to have met on my recent trip to London but I guess our ships crossed in the night. My thanks to Xavier DE Souza for fotos.

Jacinto Fernandes is sixth from right, next to him is Filu Mazor (who represented the Railway Insitute team) and Greg Carvalho who was one of the organisers/ I think that is Seby in the red shirt

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