Monday, May 2, 2022


 Several of my readers have sent me this:

I AM GOAN (A beautifully articulated poem by Adv. Radharao Gracias in response to a derogatory statement made about overseas Goans by Goa's ex CM last year. I am extremely proud to be a Goan and an Indian.

I am Goan. 

You find me here, there, everywhere. In London or Swindon. In Lisbon or Melbourne. In Mississauga or Mississippi. No borders confine me. No occupation confounds me. I am called, by many names, Consider : I am the Prime Minister of Portugal. I am the son of celebrated Writer, Orlando da Costa. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, hugged me when I visited India. 

My name Antonio da Costa from Margao, I am Goan ! I have been Member of the House of Commons, UK since 1987. My sister Valerie Vaz, and Suela Fernandes too are members of the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ My name is Keith Vas. We are Goan ! 

I was the Commander in Chief of the Indian Army. And with me the GOC Commanding Southern Command was Lt.General F.T.Dias. My name Sunith Rodrigues, from Curtorim. We are Goan! I was Police Commissioner of Bombay and was known as Supercop. 

And when Punjab was in turmoil, during the Khalistan movement, I was posted there to restore order. My name Julio Ribeiro, from Porvorim. I am Goan! 

I am considered as a major figure in contemporary architecture around the world. I was awarded the Padma Shree in 1972 and the Royal Gold Medal in 1984 by the Royal Institute of British Architects. Buildings designed by me, dot the world. 

My name Charles Correia, from Porvorim. I am Goan ! I am the CEO of Diageo, the world’s largest liquor company. I am son of Manuel Menezes former chairman of the Indian Railway Board. My brother Victor Meneses is the former chairman and CEO of Citibank. My name Ivan Menezes, from Pomburpa / Divar. I am Goan ! I am the CEO and Vice President of Cognizant. My father, Placido D’Souza IFS was High Commissioner to Trinidade, Hongkong and Kenya. My name, Francisco D’Souza, from Anjuna. I am Goan ! I am the CEO of Air Asia. I am the majority owner of Queen’s Park Rangers. I figure on the Forbes list of the rich in Malaysia. I studied Epsom College and the London School of Economics. I am the son of Dr.Steven Fernandes. My name Tony Fernandes, from Velim.

 I am Goan !

 I have figured in the Forbes list of Indian billionaires. I am the CEO of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, founded by my late father Gracias Saldanha, today one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India. When Goan politicians fall sick they use, our medicines to get cured. My name Glen Saldanha, from Saligao. 

I am Goan ! My family lived in Karachi and later migrated to Canada. I resigned from my job and set up a company in the basement of my house called SOTI. My company is now valued at a billion dollars. My name Karl Rodrigues, from Curtorim. 

I am Goan ! I was a student at Grant Medical College, Bombay, when I was crowned Miss World 1966. I completed my medical studies and now live in Ireland. My name Reita Faria, from Mapusa / Tivim. 

I am Goan ! I came to the USA as a Fulbright Scholar. I am the author of several New York Times Best Selling Books. I released my film Obama’s America, in 2016 which is the second highest grossing political documentary styled film produced in the USA. My name, Dinesh D’ Souza, from Assagao.

 I am Goan ! I was a journalist, politician and Freedom Fighter. I was elected Member of the Kenya Parliament and I had two other Goans with me, F.W.D’Souza the Deputy Speaker from Cujira and Anthony Joseph Zuzarte from Guirim, Vice President of Kenya. And I was assassinated. My name Pio Gama Pinto, from Saligao. We are Goan ! I was a physicist, journalist, diplomat and a social scientist at the Eduardo Mondlane University. I fought for the freedom of Mozambique. I was principal adviser to Somare Machel, the President. I died with him in a plane crash. My name, Aquino de Braganca,from Mapusa. 

I am Goan ! I won a bronze medal in tennis 1996 Olympics. I have won twelve Grand Slam titles in doubles and mixed doubles and several gold medals at the Asian games. And my father Vece Paes has won a bronze in hockey playing for India in 1972. My father is a doctor and so was my grandfather. My name, Leander Paes, from Assolna. 

I am Goan ! India failed to qualify in hockey, for the Beijing Olympics 2008 but I was there playing for Canada. My name, Kenneth Pereira. 

I am Goan ! I captained the Mexican hockey team in 1968 Olympics. I was goalkeeper. My name, Zeno Rodrigues, from Raia. I am Goan! I represented New Zealand at the 2016 Olympics in boxing. My father Dr. John Fernandes was the Director of IPHB Goa. My name Selma Fernandes, from Velim. I am Goan ! I am a fashion designer in Bombay. I design clothes for Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India. My name, Troy D’Costa, from Majorda. 

I am Goan! I work at Heathrow Airport. Five hundred years ago my community discarded the belief, that any group of people, could be condemned as untouchables and forced to do the “dirty work” for others. I have been brought up, by my church, to believe in the dignity of labour. Here at the airport there are people from Asia, Europe, Africa, all doing, all types of work. We believe, work is worship. You may call me, by any name. I am Goan !


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  1. One of many notable omissions is Serafino Antao double Gold Medalist at the commonwealth games.



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