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Goans who excelled in Kenya

I AM trying to put together a list of names of those Goans who excelled in Colonial Civil Service in Kenya, private enterprise, teaching, and every other employment, trade or profession in Kenya. This is a sidebar to the main story which will be headed: How Goans helped develop the various aspects of Kenya: 1860 (or 1857) to 1966. This is not a high brow exercise, anyone can feature on this list no matter what the job.

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Dr ACL De Sousa CBE

MERVYN MACIEL, Executive Officer, Provincial Admin:

1.Pascoal D'Mello, MBE, originally held position of P.C.'s Clerk in Mombasa later rose to Establishment Officr in the Secretariat.

2.D.F. da Lima, MBE, P.C.'s Clerk (should have been designated Personal Asst. to the
Provincial Commissioner) in Isiolo, N.F.D. Later rose to Revenue Officer in Kisumu.

3.Sally Mendes, MBE, P.C.'s clerk, Kisuu(Nyanza Province). A very modest individual
                                     who helped alot of Goans.

4.Germanno Gomes-  Held various clerical positions in various districts. Was more of a
                                    P.A. to Provincial/District Commissioners. Never suffered fools gladly!

5.Victor Fernandes     District Cashier in various districts. A very efficient individual.

6.S.F. Braganca         Clerk in Provincial Administration,Mombasa and various districts.

6.Basil D'Souza         Formerly Police clerk, later, Revenue Officer in the Prov.Administration

7.Joe Aguiar               Cashier, South Nyanza District

8. JF Andrade            A veteran of the frontier,Cashier at Voi.Great company for his age.
                                  Loved shooting game and was an accurate shot!

9.Silwyn Pinto           District Cashier in Voi. Likeable man.

10.Ignatius Carvalho Initial Provinciaal Relief Clerk,Coast Province,latterly
                                  District Cashier, Kajiado and other districts. Lovely man.

11. John Pereira       District Cashier, Isiolo. Great company

12.Thomas Fernandes  Transport Clerk, Isiolo, NFD(son of Goan pioneer businessman)

Some non-Provincial Administration names that come to
mind as I day dream.....:

1. Hector Moraes  Establishment/Personnel Officer, Agriculture Dept

2. Joe Fonseca, Accountant, Ministry of Agriculture

3. Rosendo Abreu - Senior official(can't remember his title) Prisons Dept

4. Mariano da Gama   Accountant, Prisons Department

5. Dourado (can't recall initials) - Senior man in Police headquarters

6. A.B. Rego-   Government Coast Agent, Mombasa

7. There was also a Mr. Lacerda high up in the Medical dept

8.Cyprian Lobo -Asst. Director of Education (Asian)

9. Jock Sequeira  - Education Officer, Mombasa

(BTW on the Prov. Administration there was
 Peter de Souza - Revenue Officer - an outspoken man and a friend.)


John Gomes, Educator/Headmaster/Humanist: Grand Old Warrior of Kenya

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  1. Hi Cyprian, Have always enjoyed your journalism. Thank you
    for remembering my Dad, Pascoal de Mello.



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