Wednesday, June 2, 2021

A GIFT FOR YOU: History of Kenya at the Olympics

THIS IS A great gift to those of you who played hockey, watched hockey or want to learn about an exceptional element of Kenya hockey history. Dil Bahra, who is considered the authority on Kenya hockey history made this presentation to Kenya Hockey Olympians and their guests in a Zoom get-together on May 30. The fact that they came together is an achievement, but if you could have listened to reminiscing and banter, it was something else. Most of these guys are in the 80s and vijana are in their 70s. But most have clear memories of the games, the results and all the other magic that was created at the Olympics. Dil Bahra has allowed me reproduction of his presentation so that you can keep a copy of it for yourself.

This is a very special man. We salute you.

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