Sunday, March 21, 2021

Goan History: Listen to Chico Fonseca


From Tonto de Freitas

FIVE  videos of 75-year old Goan icon Chico Fonseca talking about his life and singing Portuguese and Konkani songs. He has travelled the world with his guitar and sung with the likes of Harry Belafonte! I was particularly moved by his Konkani Farewell song, faulty though it was because of his age, because I remember so many parties where my dad and mum sang that song with people of their generation. It was a sentimental song and the old folks were visibly moved as they sang songs like these.

Playing *Goa*

On his musical journey

On doctor-musicians and serenading in the 1950s and around then

On Latin-influenced music in the Goa of the past

On Konkani's farewell song, his travels with the guitar &c

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