Saturday, January 23, 2021

Down Memory Lane

Nairobi as we remember it!

Another view of Nairobi City Hall

First Class, East African Railways. Superb in those days.

A view of one of the earliest cemeteries in Nairobi, in the days they were cared for!

Some familiar names

A very early pic of the Court house in Nairobi

At Treetops


York Street Nairobi

Nairobi West, the famous Jean's Bar was in this complex

The fruit and veg section of the delight Nairobi Market

Sir Michael Blundell

Reata Road, Campos Ribeira Avenue

President Jomo Kenyatta using his call "Harambee" to get out of a sticky sticky situation

An early pic of Thika falls

A lonely grave somewhere, Nairobi?

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  1. What a fantastic collection. Many way before my time I was born in 1953 in Eldoret


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