Sunday, October 20, 2019

Alberto De Souza, My Father

My wife Monnelia and I decided to have a 5 year memorial for my Dad at The Goan Gymkhana as it would be a good opportunity to hang his portrait by the artist Prakash in the Bar alongside many of his friends and to celebrate his memory and life.

"I would like to thank everyone for coming to my father's 5yr memorial lunch"

"My father was a patriotic Goan from Saligao who loved meeting his friends to chat and drink at The Goan Gymkhana"

"Therefore it is appropriate that we hang his portrait in the bar alongside many of his friends (Alu, Pius, Tony)"

"Throughout his life, my father was a kind, happy man who never hesitated to assist those who needed his help"

"He instilled strong values in my sister Alison and I, that have stood us in good stead as we navigate through life's many trials"

"More importantly he always encouraged us as children to aim high, achieve academic success so that we could achieve more than he had the opportunity to in colonial Kenya"

"On this memorial lunch, I would like us all to remember a man with a strong moral compass, who cared deeply about his family and friends and who could entertain others with conversations in Konkani filled with laughter."

"I owe all my success to the efforts of my father, and would like him to know that I miss him deeply every day."

"I would now like to hang his portrait in the Bar. After this, if we would toast his life and Father Saldanha will say a memorial prayer.  Lunch will then be served."

Keith De Souza

Father Saldanha saying memorial prayer.  Prakash the artist who has done all the Bar portraits.

Clara De Cruz, Noelle Sequeira, Fernanda Da Gama Rose, Fr. Saldanha

Add captionVincent Sequeira, Manu & Clara De Cruz, Mickey Singh, Noelle Sequeira, Fernanda De Gama Rose, Father Saldanha.

Cheryl. Keith De Souza,  Cristo, Sylvia, Valente De Souza, Prakash.

Apologies about the caption ... I recognise Freda and my old friend Tyrone.

Sleep in heavenly peace, Alberto, you were a great guy on earth, fondly remembered by your friends at the RI, GI, the Goan Gymkhana and all around East Africa --Cyprian

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