Thursday, September 19, 2019

Memories are made of this!



There was a time when retirees languished because of scant offerings for them by the motherhouse, the Goan Overseas Association (Toronto). The deficiency spawned two seniors’ clubs in the West-end of Toronto and two in the East, to cater to their social needs.  However, the situation changed for the better when Greta Dias was appointed Director of Retirees at the G.O.A.(T). She came in with a vision of inclusivity and has held court for eleven continuous years.  She has been conjuring up a variety of social offerings for the retirees, making them theirs for the taking.

With a dimple in her cheek and a mischievous glint in her eye, Greta challenged the retirees to re-visit the nostalgic 50s & 60s and re-live the Bohemian non-conformist days of flower-power and hippiedom, at an event on September 15, 2019, held at the Kalyaan Centre in Mississauga. People responded with alacrity. It is likely that they rummaged through the old tin trunks in the attic to find suitable abandoned apparel of the period. Some simply improvised. Justice was done to the clarion call.

Needless to say, music and an efficient M.C. go hand-in-hand-- like a horse and carriage-- and are conducive to a favourable outcome. MUSIC MACHINE provided appropriate music that resonated with the aging generation.  Joan Rosario was in her element as she presided over the proceedings as the M.C.   John Noronha and Delphine Francis joined the band and belted out familiar vocals to liven up things. For a while the revellers went quiet while they were wolfing down the goodies in their plate of hors d’ouvres.  Enoe D’Souza and Maurice Dalby emerged as the best-dressed hippie couple.
While John and Alexandria Sylvan doled out toe-tickling music, KONKAN DELITE provided comestibles to tickle the palette, after Bertha Carvalho said Grace.  A multitude of helpers provided seamless assistance.  B.R D’S. was everywhere with her camera when she was not serving drinks. Jennifer Castelino’s fingerprints were on the centrepieces. And, somebody was thoughtful enough to provide paper and pencil to book dances, as was the practice in days gone by.

Everybody seemed to know everybody else.  Co-mingling in a congenial atmosphere came naturally to all.  Who could have asked for anything more?

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