Tuesday, August 20, 2019

When Uhuru comes .... sadly for many


By Mervyn Maciel    (20.10.61)

When Uhuru comes, what will I do?
Is a question that’s being asked by quite a few;
No one yet knows what its going to be,
To live in a Kenya soon to be free.

Awe-stricken civil servants like the unfortunate ME
Daily keep asking, ’what’s in store for me?’
No home leave, no passage, no increment
Back to the homeland will I be sent?

But these, if anything are groundless fears
That grip so many as independence nears;
So let's not worry about that far-distant future
But act with an outlook that's more mature.

To build a new Kenya we needn't all go
From where we now are into LegCo;
Each in his own way can do his bit
And thus be sure in the new Kenya he'll fit.

Pessimism at this stage will avail as not
Nor delegations abroad decide our lot
All these will only add up to nought
If the indigenous people's goodwill we've not yet sought.

So let's all strive and strive very hard
To build a sound Kenya, not its progress retard;
If this we do, I'm sure there'll be

Room in this country for you and ME!

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