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Mombasa's finest in sports

Allan Noronha Tito    D’Souza Joe Rodrigues Bruno D’Souza George D’Costa Albert Castanha Seraphino Antao Joe  Faria
Athlete of the Century: Albert  Castanha

Meldrita Laurent Viegas Winnie D’Souza
Laura Ramos
Athlete of the Century: Meldrita  Laurent Viegas

Valence Dantes Philo D’Cunha Newton D’Costa Joe Fernandes Jerry Soares Agnes Correa  Stars of The Century: Valance Dantes
Philo D’Cunha Newton D’Costa

Mrs  Rideau Mrs L Noronha Mr M A Vienna John Monteiro Star of the Century: M A Vienna

Joe Gonsalves Albert Castanha Effie Antao
Tony Masky Eugene  Mendes
Procopio Fernandes George D’Souza
A S S Figueira
Star of the Century: Procopio Fernandes

Phila Fernandes Sylvia Fernandes
Melissa Castellino Pereira Ida Pires
Laura Ramos Winnie D’Souza Bertha Pinto Jane Sequeira
Wilma Nazareth D’Souza Star of the Century: Phila Fernandes

Jerome Monteiro Joe Rodrigues Adolf Dias Michael Texeira Zachary D’Souza A  B Rego Jos D’Souza Newton D’Costa Albert Castanha Walter Castanha Michael Pereira Reynolds Pereira Tony Masky Benny Carvalho Nicholas Pereira George D’Costa
Michael Fernandes Patrick Martins Alu Pereira Anthony Pinto Albert D’Souza (Patch) Raphael Fernandes Joe Faria Luis Castellino Mario Fernandes Mervyn D’Souza Raju Babla Wilfred D’Souza Leslie Pinto Sylvano Pinto Carlos  D’Silva D B Fonseca Warren Pereira Maxie Vaz Star of the Century: Michael Pereira


Raffie Rebello Steve D’Souza JP  De  Souza Yes Pea Pereira Araf Butt Rahim Babulal Mike D’Souza Cornelius  D’Souza
Star of the Century: Raffie  Rebello

Anthony Pinto Adolf Dias Steve D’Souza Harold George Peter George Michael Texeiera Luis Castelino Joe Fernandes Mervyn D’Souza Joe Rodrigues Tony Masky John D’Souza Tony Fernandes Sam  D’Souza Alu Pereira Gerson Pereira S C A Fernandes L  C  D’Souza Max Monteiro Jimmy Carvalho Victor Fernandes Peter Cordeiro Raul Sama Angelo D’Souza Eddie D’Souza Michael Tavares Star of the Century: Adolf Dias

The above selections were made to mark the centenary celebrations of the Institute

Mombasa  Goan Institute
MELDRITA VIEGAS: She did not know it at the time, but as she ran each morning         to catch the bus to elementary school she  was  actually  training  for  a  special  future: athletics. In those very early days, her friends were calling her Never Say     Die. Her competitive athletics career actually began in Mombasa  at  the  Sacred  Heart High School in the inter-school athletics meetings. Then there were  those special days when  the  whole  of  Mombasa  it  seemed  was  abuzz  with  athletics:  GI Easter Sports, Empire Days Sports and the Coast  Championships.  The  Easter Sports attracted runners from Nairobi and other parts of Kenya. The competition   was  fierce.

Meldrita competed in the 100 yards, the 200 yards and the long jump. She also ran the first or anchor leg for the 4X100 yards relay. During her reign as champion for 10 years, Meldrita held the Coast records for the 100 yards, 200 yards. She also held the Kenya record at the time for the 100 yards clocking 11.4 seconds. She held both the Coast and Kenya record for the long jump for a long period.   For 10 years she was always first in each of her three pet events. She retired in 1962 as the Queen of the Track at the Coast.

Laura Ramos: an outstanding sprinter.  Juanita  Ramos  nee  Noronha:  another fine sprinter. Winnie D’Souza: won the Kenya 100 yards in 1956. And there was Phila Fernandes who was also a strong competitor.

JOE RODRIGUES: A member of the football  team,  he  also  represented  the  Coast in athletics. He was holder of the 100 yards record of 10 seconds. He      once equaled the British 100 yards record of 9.6 but it was not ratified on a time- keeping technicality.

BRUNO DE SOUZA: Main events were the 440 yards and the 880 yards.

ALCINO RODRIGUES: His pet event was the 440 yards, the quarter mile. Represented the Coast over a long period. Reigned supreme.

ALFRED VIANA: Held the shot put and discus records at  the  Coast  for  many years. Big moments came when he was represented the Coast the in the 1958 Kenya championships and Kenya in the 1957 East Africa Championships.

JOE FARIA: Another truly outstanding Coast sprinter. Part of the 4X100 yards   relay team at the Kenya championships in Kisumu.

ALLAN NORONHA: First Victor Ludorum at Mombasa, excelling in the sprints,   long jumps, high jump and the triple jump.

GEORGE DA COSTA: Won the mile for three consecutive years.

Others who represented the Mombasa Goan institute included: Eddie Soares, Tony Castanha, Tito De Souza, Bernie Carvalho, Monte Fernandes, and Jos. P. Rodrigues.

LAURA RAMOS: A stunning athlete with speed to burn. She flew down the left wing for many years.

PHILA FERNANDES: Reckoned to be  one  of  the  best.  Began  as  a  centre  half but moved to inside right. Great stick work made her a regular goal scorer. Captained  the team.

CYBIL CAISTER (NEE CORREIA): A solid full back. Played for many years. MELISSA PEREIRA (NEE CASTELINO): Played as centre half or full back for  many years.
JOANITA RAMOS (NEE NORONHA): A very useful player on the left wing. BERTHA PINTO: Centre half, wore the club colours for many years.
JANE SEQUEIRA: Yet another centre half.

WILMA DE SOUZA (NEE NAZARETH): Full back.   Solid for a number of years.

IDA PIRES: Full back. A very well-known player, with Ida Pires formed an unbeatable  back line.

WINNIE DE SOUZA: A forward for many years. SILVIA FERNANDES: Centre forward.
HOCKEY MEN’S 1930 – 1940s
MAXI VAZ:  Half-back: one of the icons of hockey in the 1940s. He played for   Gold Medal winning Indian team in the London Olympics in 1948. Maxi played alongside some of the greatest names in Indian hockey history including Dhyan Chand, Leo Pinto, Walter De Souza, Babu and others. He also played for what    are perhaps the best known Goan hockey teams, the Lusitanians of Mumbai.  Maxi came to Kenya in 1952 played out his career with the MGI.

BENNY   CARVALHO:   Centre-half.        Another  great  player  in  hockey’s  history. Captained  MGI,  captained  Kenya  against  All  India  in  1948  and  he  was loved

and respected not only for his hockey skills but also for the fact that he was a gentleman both on and off the field.

A.B. REGO: All-rounder. Played for the MGI for many years.

1940s  – 1950s
JEROME S. MONTEIRO: Played for MGI for 15 years, captain for five, the Coast      XI and captained against All India 1948. Played for a Kenya-Uganda XI against Pakistan and against a Tata XI. An all-rounder who excelled at soccer and cricket  as well.

JOE T. RODRIGUES: All-rounder. Stamina, speed, great ball control, body swerves, brilliant passing skills, made him a goal scoring hockey natural.

MICHAEL PEREIRA: Another of those MI hockey immortals. Having repped MGI, Coast and Kenya, he had the honour of captaining all three. He represented  Kenya at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. Michael also coached the MGI women’s hockey team.

FRANKLYN PEREIRA: According to  Cyprian  Fernandes,  Franklyn  was  perhaps  the greatest hockey player never to have worn the Kenya colours at an Olympics. Fernandes had campaigned hard  for  his  selection  without  success.  Franklyn was a born goal scorer with the dribbling skills reserved for only the greatest in the game. One example of this came when he played for East African against a powerful Tata XX: he collected the ball from the centre of the field, dribbled his way through a host of defenders and scored a solo goal that etched deeply in the memories of those who saw him play and the oral history of hockey at the Kenya Coast. In the process of scoring that solo goal, Franklyn beat the legendary India goalkeeper Leo Pinto. Brilliant.

WALTER CASTANHA: Full-back. A tough, hard player who combined with Wilfred De Souza (Shiri) to build an unbreachable defence. “The ball, but the man does,” was their motto. He earned every accolade at the Coast and once came close       to national honours. He was reckoned as the best defender of all time at the Coast.

WILFRID  DE  SOUZA  (SHIRI):   An  attacking  full-back  also  played  for  the  Coast
XI. Remembered for his fine stick  work.

ALBERT DE SOUZA: Known as “Patch”. A fine  player.

TONY MASCARENHAS: A brave and daring player. MGI, Coast XI.

J.N. DE SOUZA: MGI. Remembered for his contributions to the Easter Sports programme and sport in general. MGI club sports secretary for many years.

ALBAN FERNANDES: Played for Dar es Salaam (1940s-1960s) and the national team against visiting Indian and Pakistani teams. Represented East Africa and   also captained the team at one stage. In 1965, Alban came to Kenya where captained coached the Coast Xl. On return to Tanzania, he was appointed  National Cricket Coach. In Canada, he was appointed head coach for the Alberta Junior Team.

NICHOLAS PEREIRA: Goalkeeper. Captain MGI and played for the  Coast  XI  against  All India.

MICHAEL TEIXEIRA: MGI. Captained Uganda and  East  Africa  against  All  India and also played against Pakistan Rovers in 1952.
GEORGE DA COSTA: Centre Half.  Also played for the Coast XI.  MOMBASA GOAN INSTITUTE (MGI) Hockey representatives 1950—1960s
LESLIE  PINTO:  Inside  forward.  Played  or  MGI,  Coast  and  Kenya.    A delightful
“stick”player, exceptionally fast.

SILVANO PINTO: Half back, MGI, and Coast XI.

WALTER CARDOSO: One of the finest centre-halves the MGI produced. A great motivator of fellow players. Captained the Coast XI. Trialed  for  Kenya.

LUIS CASTELINO: Goalkeeper. MGI, Coast and trialed for Kenya.

ANTHONY VAZ: Originally from Nairobi, moved to Mombasa.  Flag  bearer  at  the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Always rated among the greats of  the  game.  A  very gentle man, with an eternal smile. MGI.

PRITAM SINGH SANDHU: One of the great centre forwards of our time. MGI, GI. Combined brilliantly with Franklyn Pereira. MGI,  Coast.

REYNOLDS PEREIRA: Inside forward: Learnt to play at the Goan High School, Mombasa. Later he played for the Falcons before joining MGI. He was one the youngest players  to  play  for  Kenya,  1968  Olympics  Mexico  City.  Also  played at the Munich Olympics in 1972 and the World Cup in Amsterdam (1973). He represented Kenya in several international events. He was awarded the trophy   for the Highest Goal Scorer at the Coppa International Cup i9n 1977. A speedy

player with great stick work.

RAJU BABLA: Goalkeeper, MGI, Coast XI and was selected to play for Kenya. Excellent reflexes and timing. His first love, however, was cricket and he was on the brink of selection of India.

RUI SALDANHA: Forward. One of the first Asians to play  for  Great  Britain.  GI  Nairobi, Hornets. A brilliant player to watch.

RAPHAEL FERNANDES: Full-back. Boabab Hockey Club, Coast  XI.  Olympian.  Rapha was vice captain of the national team. Represented Kenya in the Rene Frank Gold Cup Madras, 1979; Mini Olympics, Montreal Olympics 1979, Inter- Continental Cup in Rome 1977, the Esanda World Cup in Perth, Australia, 1979 and travelled to Zimbabwe and Zambia for a Test series. Was the winner of the “Player of the Year” award in 1977. Also selected for the Moscow Olympics 1980 and the Seoul Olympics in 1988.

MARIO FERNANDES: Inside forward. Represented MGI, Coast XI and Kenya. A prolific goal scorer with great speed, stick work and an uncanny ability to scoop the ball into the goal. Played against Pakistan and trialed for Montreal.

TONY CASTANHA: Inside forward, winger. MGI, Baobab, Coast XI. Was a member of Baobab which was the only team from the coast to win the prestigious M R De Souza Gold Cup which was usually dominated by upcountry teams.

PATRICK MARTINS: Inside forward. Capped in 1974 for the All Africa Championships in Cairo, picking up a bronze medal. Played in the Mini Olympics  in 1975. Also played in the Inter-Continental  Cup  in  Rome,  Esanda  Cup  in  Perth, Australia, 1979 and toured India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia.

MICHAEL FERNANDES: Centre Half. Captained MGI and the Coast XI for many years. Played for the Goa XI in the Indian inter-state competitions. Played for Kenya in the Inter-Continental Cup in Rome 1977. Was selected for Kenya, but could not travel to Zimbabwe and Zambia.

WALTER DE SOUZA: Played for the MI and then moved to Nakuru where he represented the Rift Valley. Capped to play for Kenya in the Inter-Continental Cup in  Rome 1977.

TED KABETU: All-rounder, MI, Coast. Opportunist.

ALVITO ABREU: GI, Coast XI. Assistant GM Kenya team to Cairo and judge and Assistant Technical Director All Africa Games in Nairobi 1987.

AARON FERNANDES: Played for GI. Later moved  to  UK,  played  for  GB  under 21s. Capped by Canada at the Los Angeles Olympics.

TEDDY GOMES: Played for GI Kisumu, repped  Nyanza.

VICTOR MPAGA: First African to join MI. Later moved to Baobab. Coast XI.

CHRISTOPHER DE SOUZA: Played in Goal for MI and also represented Coast   XI.
In the 1980s the following players were associated with the MI: Milton Fernandes, Rosario Barretto, Melvin Fernandes, Neville De  Souza,  Iqbal  Sheikh,  Avinash Dholakia,   and   Ashok Weeraratna.

1990s: Carlo Da Silva, Warren Pereira, Joseph Mascarenhas, Solomon Omondi, Edmund Hawai, Angelo Pereira.

WARREN PEREIRA: 1985: short corner specialist: awarded the “best upcoming player” by the Coast Hockey Association. Represented Kenya from 1989 to 1996. Played in the Indira Gandhi Gold Cup where Kenya won bronze after losing to Holland. In 1996, in the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa, Kenya was beaten in the final by the hosts. Selected MI sportsman of the year eight times.

SOLOMON OMONDI: Selected for Kenya for the All Africa Games in Zimbabwe. Other MI players over the years have been: Joe (ESSO) Fernandes, Joe Faria, Anthony (Antu) Pinto, Alu Pereira, Alvito Abreu, Bonny Fernandes, Bob Zuzarte, Francis Lobo, Harold George D’Souza, Zeno De Souza,  Jose  De  Souza,  Adolf  Dias, Zachary De Souza,  Newton  Da  Costa,  Jos  P. Rodrigues,  B.  De  Souza, Christy Pereira, Noel Fernandes, Veron De Souza, Maria Pereira (nee De Souza), Amy Fernandes, Doris Fernandes, Nifa Fernandes, Justin Dourado, Bonny Fernandes.

SOCCER 1940s 1950s
PROCOPIO FERNANDES: Began his football career in Goa where he played left   half for his school and was responsible for some splendid victories. When he  came to Africa, he brought his footy boots along and his knowledge and skill of the game won him many fans and recognition.  He was selected to play for the  rep side Asians XI. Unfortunately, he broke his leg and was sidelined for a while. Later he played fullback and in the goal just before he retired.

EUGEN MENDES: A steady full back for the club and Asians XI.

EFFIE ANTAO: Forward. A goal scoring machine, one of the hardest kickers or     the ball, a smasher of goal nets, and all this when most of the time he played in defence. Effie played for the MGI in all their major tournaments. You were always assured of plenty of thrills and an object lesson to watch him play. It was not surprising then that he was appointed captain of Coast Province Association side in 1955. He was also a member of the all-conquering Liverpool FC side.

GEORGE DE SOUZA: In Nairobi, he played for the most successful Goan team ever, Nairobi Heroes where he earned a huge reputation as a skilful player. In Mombasa, he played with MGI.

GEORGE DA COSTA: Centre  half  and played in many victorious tournaments for the MGI.

WALTER CASTANHA: Full back, a rock in defence. Great to watch.
WILLIE LOBO: Played good football for the Kisumu Hot Stars. Also played cricket and hockey for Nyanza Province. A member of MGI.

1950s  – 1960s
JOE GONSALVES: JOE Gonsalves was a young soccer player and athlete in Mombasa at a time when the Kenyan coastal capital was blessed with some         of the greatest Goan sporting heroes of our time: First there was the greatest      of them all, the Commonwealth Games double sprint gold medalist, Seraphino Antao, Albert Castanha (the finest all-round sportsman),  Joe  Faria  (sprinter), Jack Fernandes (sprinter), Laura Ramos  (sprinter),  Franklyn  Pereira  (hockey),  Joe Fernandes  (soccer),  Tony Masky  (soccer),  George  Da  Costa  (soccer), Wilfred D’Souza (soccer), Leslie Pinto (hockey), Silvano Pinto (hockey), Michael Fernandes (hockey), Reynolds Pereira (hockey), Alan Noronha (sprinter, hockey), Michael Fernandes (Hockey Olympian 1956), Anthony Pinto (cricketer), Ernest Vianna (spectacular tennis player), Xavier Vianna (tennis), Alcino Rodrigues (400 metres specialist), Effie Antao (sensational soccer goal scorer). There were many others, too, and whose names have faded just as much as my own memory continues to fade with time. God Bless ‘em all.

TONY MASCARENHAS (Masky): As a very young schoolboy it was clear to all those who watched him that he was born for greater things. He was outstanding at soccer, hockey and cricket and he could have been a champ at netball, volleyball or anything else he might have tried his hand at. He was that talented.

After finishing high school in 1961, he caught his first big break as a key player    for the outstanding Goan Nairobi Heroes side in the National League in Nairobi.

He was an absolutely stunning goal poacher with his head or with his boot. In   one match, against Samia United, he scored 9 out of the 10 Heroes’ goals… a record that may have stood the test of time. The following year he returned to Mombasa and was signed by Liverpool which by then had changed its name to Mwenge to be politically correct. All seems a bit silly, then and now. It was not long before he was selected to play for Kenya against the professional English side West Bromwich Albion which was touring Kenya at the time.

EFFIE ANTAO: Full-back. A goal-scoring machine from free-kicks, one of the hardest kickers or the ball, a smasher of goal nets, and all this when most of the time he played in defence. Effie played for the MGI in all their major tournaments. You were always assured of plenty of thrills and an object lesson to watch him play. It was not surprising then that he was appointed captain of Coast Province Association side in 1955. He was also a member of the all-conquering Liverpool   FC  side.

GEORGE DE SOUZA: In Nairobi, he played for the most successful Goan team ever, Nairobi Heroes where he earned a huge reputation as a skilful player. In Mombasa, he played with MGI.

GEORGE DA COSTA: Centre  half  and played in many victorious tournaments for the MGI.
WALTER CASTANHA: Full back, a rock in defence. Great to watch. 1960s
played for the MGI. Joe went on to play for Liverpool FC.

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