Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The best read stories on my blog

Below are the best read stories on my blog and contributed greatly, along with all the others, in achieving the 250,000 hits mark. Again thanks to all my readers.

Two Hockey Trojans/Alu/ Tari (4363 hits)
Jack Fernandes (3346 hits)
RIP Steve Fernandes (3090)

Alu Mendonca (2631)

Alu Final Journey (2492
Joe Gonsalves (2449)
Xavier Vienna (2355)
Johnny Lobo, legend (2349)
Johnny Lobo, cricketer (1932)
Justin Dourada (1716)

Richard Rattos, Drifters (1710)

Julian Costa Silva (1704)
Ferdie Rodrigues, a brother's lament (1698)
Bye Sis (1607)
John J. D'Souza (1607)

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