Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Jason DaSilva: an inspiration

I want to share this with you and hope sincerely it merits mention on your blog   
as I sincerely admire this fab young man who has battled all odds, achieved it and now an inspiration to all.  He is resolute and perseveres with determination on what is a debilitating condition.

Although born in the States, his parents are from Kenya.  His father Edward D'silva was a classmate of Benny in Goan/Sacred Heart School Mombasa and his lovely mother Marianne D'Souza is from Kisumu (good friend of Benegal). 

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Highlight and right click for a brilliant Goan success story

Jason DaSilva is an artist. He will always be an artist, no matter how severe his disability becomes, because of how he thinks, feels, and views the world, and because of his passion and determination to communicate that viewpoint to people of all abilities and cultures. NEW MOBILITY is proud to name him our 2014 Person of the Year — for using his artistic talent and unique vision in a way that will benefit people with disabilities now, and for a long, long time to come.
Filmmaker Jason DaSilva, NEW MOBILITY’S 2014 Person of the Year, is at his desk working on a script with a volunteer assistant. A power wheelchair is nearby, but he’s sitting in an ordinary office chair. As I wonder how he can move about by himself, the assistant turns him around and pushes him gently toward me, ready to be interviewed.

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