Saturday, March 9, 2019

Joe+Carol: thieving crows, dangerous roos

We arrived in Madura to tee off on the second hole of the Nullarbor Links course. Conditions were overcast and it was not too hot … we had to play the hold for 40 minutes because a rogue crow stole the ball and it took us to a while to find it … he was sitting on hit thinking it was egg I think. The drive from Norseman was quite pleasant. Had some closes calls with errant kangaroos crossing the road nonchalantly as is their want. Saw a lot of road kills along the way. Three vehicles were smashed to a halt. The white car featured came to a stop after hitting a larger kangaroo or cattle.

Bashed by a large kangaroo or  a cow or a bull

Crossed into South Australia after this hole!

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