Saturday, December 22, 2018


  1. How wonderful to come across your wonderful story about 'The Shiftars' Cecilia Mascarenhas. I am Dave Whitehead, the drummer with Conny Kit and The Pirates in Mombasa at the time and latterly with 'The Bushmen' in Italy.
    Would also like to give my special thanks to Cyprian Fernandes for publishing your story here in this blog. Thank you Cyprian, and should you wish to contact me, I am on the same continent as you, but unfortunately a little bit too far away from you up here in Queensland.My email address is palebushman@bigpond or Oh how I miss those awesome time we had in Mombasa in the 50's and 60's.

  2. I am forever greatful to Cyprian for taking us Down memory lane of those sweet old days in Mombasa. Not only Goans but we Arabs too remember The Shiftars.

  3. Now that we menntioned Arabs who were close to Goans in those days when it comes to sports and music let me mention to few memorable moments that i recall. one time i was invited by franklin perera to the old goan club in mombasa. he came with his young boy called jeff. he told me he has partenerd with a man called somji to start a company called ffk. my friendship with franklin was based on common love of history. he was great admirer of saraphino ANTAO.


Basher Hassan, one of the best, always!

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