Friday, December 14, 2018

Matata delight grows

Just a couple of readers’ reviews in praise of Braz Menezes’ Matata series.


I purchased all three of Braz Menezes' books in Toronto. Although on vacation in Toronto with family I started reading the books starting with Volume 1 "Beyond the Cape". Once I started on the books I could not put them down finding time in between catching up with family. Needless to say I was probably not a very good house guest... I felt I was part of the book as I could relate to the travel by ship to Goa from Kenya. The books helped me understand the formation of the different Goan clubs in Nairobi and Mombasa. My sense of pride of being Goan and raised in a modest family was uplifted with these books. The books bring out the sense of community between Muslim, Christian and Hindu. 


Braz Menezes’s earlier ‘Matata’ series have held prime location in our bookshelves.  I have awaited, with anticipation, the latest release of ‘Lando’s experiences’ and, on receipt of ‘Among the Jacaranda’, any previous plans I had were immediately jettisoned as I could not put the book down – it makes compelling and interesting reading…. 

The book is a work of ‘historical fiction’ but the level of detail, the degree of real angst and the life-like descriptions depict what can only be gained from the experiences of very real events.  The period covers interesting times and Lando faces challenging career choices, financial hardships (and the odd gain), relationship complications based on cultural differences and must now confront numerous global challenges that have become all too familiar in a fast-changing world.  Throughout the book ‘the now mature Lando’ applies the same unique level of integrity in respect of his romantic outlook, taking decisions and analysing situations that was instilled in him during his youth.  Somehow the author’s sense of humour and irony makes what could have been, so easily, an embittered story into one that is vitally compelling and amusing. 

I am delighted to read that Braz Menezes is working on a fourth Matata book, having re-read ‘Among the Jacaranda’ for a second time in a short period I now have something new to look forward to.  Keep writing Braz 

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