Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Visiting friends: John and Cynthia Nazareth

Spent a delightful day with a guy from Moira, John Nazareth, and his wife, Cynthia, visitors from Toronto Canada pictured with their host Myrtle Carrasco (left) from the nearby Central Coast. John is a kindred spirit in many ways and not the least writing. Alongside John J. D'Souza, Armand Rodrigues, Norman Da Costa, Braz Menezes and several others, John has been dedicated to serving the Goan community, especially in the service of saving the written word (or digital) for posterity. Like all storytellers worth their weight in gold, John has been mining his gold stories, yarns, fables and this and that since his days of earliest memory, first in Canada and there around the world but mostly in his new home country of Canada. You will find one or two teasers at www.headlinesofmylife.today and hopefully more to come. I say that because shared so many story lines today. He is a multi-talented man and a generous one at that because he has provided me his stories with great encouragement.
Things we shared: Goans were amongst the earliest of multi-culturalists (except when religion forced the prejudice of separation) and our Portuguese past is witness to that but John contends the trait goes back hundreds of years. That is one of the reasons why they have been able to seamlessly (and under the radar, often) sew themselves and their culture into the national fabric of countries that they have migrated to, sometime under force of circumstance. The friendships created at college, university, work and play, in some cases survives till today.
Not just a fairytale: Two East Africans in a crowd of 500. Colour does not matter, but they will eventually magnetically be drawn together.
Much more to come!

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