Stars Next Door ... where to buy your copy

IN a few days, Cyprian Fernandes’ second book in two years, Stars Next Door, will go on sale through friends in Canada, UK, Goa and Sydney, Australia. Less than a year ago, he published the much applauded Yesterday in Paradise.

His latest offering is already available in small numbers in Goa and new book will also be on limited sale in the UK and in Sydney directly from the author. Why this limited truncated release? Fernandes explains: “I did not get much return from my first book because the big publishing companies give authors a pittance in royalties. Stars is a personal book and it has been pretty expensive to produce and even more expensive to airfreight. It is printed on the more expensive and better quality 120 GSM paper to allow better reproduction of some of the very old photographs featured. It is also comparatively quite a big and heavy book: 270+pages.

“Hence postage is often likely to be an added burden. To cut down costs to the buyer, my friends have volunteered to make it available from their homes. For me it is not about the money, I will be lucky to break even.

“It is a labour love, something I had been itching to do ever since I was a young sports reporter in Kenya.” Much of the East African Goan sports history (like our general history) has already been lost to the disappearing sands of time.

Fernandes would be the first to admit that as an “anthology” of East African Goan sports men and women, much is missing. Writing from Sydney, Australia has not been easy to source material, much has been lost through the passage of time. Similarly, the history of musicians and tiatrists  (stage actors) is quite incomplete.

Yet, it is one of a kind, a historical reference book to some of Goans who were the Stars Next Door in East Africa.

The late sprinter Seraphino Antao, Commonwealth Games double gold medallist, dominates in a photographic essay. His long-time rival, the late Albert Castanha, who was indeed the greatest Goan sports all-rounder (track and field, hockey, soccer and many other sports) follows in the next pages. If not for Seraphino’s gold medals, Albert would certainly have been celebrated as “the greatest” Goan sportsman.

Dr Ribeiro Goan School is mentioned many times. Hockey Olympian Hilary Fernandes writes a personal tribute to the Anthony D’Souza, the English and Maths teacher who coached the largest Goan squad to stardom at international level. Everyone he trained will always honour him as the Master who was also a hockey genius. Silu Fernandes and Edgar Fernandes do just that.

Then there women, brilliant, talented women: sisters Astrid and Mitelia, Bertha, Zulema De Souza … and many more all tell their own stories.  Several of those featured in the book tell their stories in their own words.

Journalist Norman da Costa brings his own special flavour to a couple of stories, John Noronha tells the story of cricket in Uganda with celebration and panache. A tribute to the late Alu Mendonca celebrates one of the greatest Goan hockey players; his “rivalry” with his friend Avtar Singh paints a picture of the Goans v Sikhs hockey saga. There is plenty more … I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

It might be a good idea to “book” your copy of the Stars Next Door with one of the following:


Lan.  905 273 4029 Cell.  647 643 4029
3542 Burningelm Cres 
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JULIETTE De-Menezes-D’Costa:
(After March 7)
The Jays
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Alvira Almeida

110 Steynton Avenue
Phone no 020 8300 6154
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