Stars Next Door... Don't miss out

Just thought I would give you, my very loyal readers and supporters, a heads up on how the book is going. As I type, publisher Fred Noronha is putting the finishing touches to the manuscript. Our book designer Nisha Albuquerque who has run out of the midnight all is just waiting to finish off the book and hand it to the printers. It will be a day or two. or three.

I am deliciously grateful to the folks who have already placed their orders without even the prices being set.

Consider the people who have contributed: Rosario and Joe Antao, delightful photos from the Seraphino's albums, similarly from Theresa Costa-bir a precious record of Albert Castanha's greats successes. Armand Rodrigues, Al Mathias (who never stopped helping) and John Noronha provide a video look at sports history in Uganda. Read about the delightful life of Zulema D'Souza. The Fernandes sisters Astrid and Mitelia were not only brilliant athletes but they are also great story-tellers, I am sure you will be delighted. Harman D'Souza is rebel with man causes but he loved sport and he tells you why in his own inimitable fashion.

Jason D'Costa, Jacinto Fernandes, Don Almeida and others have recorded with much humour, fun and seriousness (sometimes) the early days of the East African Goan migrant sport in the UK.
Hilary Fernandes, Silu Fernandes, Norman Da Costa, Edgar Fernandes, Bertha Fernandes bring a flourish of memories (including tributes to Joe Gonsalves),  many memories churn out a tribute to Nairobi Heroes, Young Goans, Nairobi Spurs, and lots more... and then there are the musicians: Mona Dias relates the delightful story of her father's unique musical skills, Edmund Silveira tells about his own musical notes, Max De Souza writes a veritable history of Goan bandmanship, the Bandits, Jimmy Van Rosi. Francis Noronha (one of life's delightful people) tells the story of George and Marq DeSouza.How about this for a "we'll meet again" from that very funny man the late Jack Fernandes and the very alive Terence Pinto. And the sign off naturally comes from the Alfonso Sisters.

My plans as that the book will be published in India. I will airfreight to various people who will help distribute the book within their postal area, thus saving on expensive further freight.

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Thanks a million